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Important Patient Notice - Patient Behavioural Policy implementation

Patient Behavioural Policy

The NHS is currently experiencing some of the most severe pressures in its 70-year history.

GP surgeries across the country are experiencing significant and growing strain with rising demand, practices struggling to recruit staff, and patients having to wait longer for appointments.

Alongside these long term trends, in recent months GP practices have been at the forefront of the NHS’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

As the pressures continue to increase it is important for the surgery and patients to have a trusted and positive relationship to ensure best quality care is provided in every aspect of the patient journey. 

There is a change coming to doctor's surgeries in Blaenau Gwent called Care Navigation

Care Navigation: What does it mean for you?

Receptionists are now trained as "Care Navigators" with the support of your GPs.

Care Navigation ensures you receive care from the most appropriate professional - not all requests need a GP appointment.

All patients will be politely and confidentially asked the reason for their appointment request.  If you have symptoms that are better suited to care from other organisations, community based services or surgery team members, the Care Navigator will give you the choice to access these instead.

These could include:

    • Minor injuries units
    • Local pharmacies
    • Urgent eye care from Opticians
    • Emergency dental services
    • Direct access physiotherapy
    • Mental health hub
    • Practice nurse
    • Community connectors

Care Navigators understand that what you tell them may still mean you need to see a GP.  Care Navigators will never make clinical decisions about you.  Please be patient with Care Navigators - the best way to get you the most appropriate support is by asking you specific questions.

How to Access GP/Nurse Practitioner Services

You need to contact us on the day that is convenient for you to see or speak to a GP or Nurse Practitioner; you will be offered either a same day face-to-face or telephone consultation.  If you are unsure if a telephone consultation is suitable, please ask one of our trained staff who would be able to assist you.

You can still book Practice Nurse and Health Care Assistant appointments for up to 3 months ahead.

Important Patient Notice - DNA Policy implementation

In an effort to improve access to the clinician of your choice we have taken the steps to implement a DNA policy (did not attend).  Every week around 5% of people fail to attend their booked appointment and do not ring to cancel.  This equates to approximately 200-wasted appointment each month.  As a result, the following policy will be followed:

    • Any patient who fails to attend a pre-booked appointment will be sent an informal warning letter with a copy of the patient information leaflet explaining the DNA policy and reasons for its implementation.
    • If a patient fails to attend a subsequent pre-booked appointment in the space of 12 months, a formal warning letter will be sent to the patient, advising them that a further occurrence could result in them being removed from the practice list.
    • If the patient fails to attend a further appointment and has a valid formal warning letter in place (issued within the past 12 months), the matter will be discussed at a practice meeting and a majority agreement will be reached as to whether the patient will be removed from the practice list.  If the majority feel that there are mitigating circumstances as to why the patient repeatedly DNA’s then a second formal warning letter will be issued.
    • Where the majority agree that the patient should be removed from the practice list a non-urgent 7-day removal request will be made to the Registration Manager at SSP, once this request has been actioned by SSP we will write to the patient to advise them that they have been removed and they should register with an alternative practice.
    • Warning letters are valid for a period of 12 months.  Removal based on warnings greater than 12 months old will be invalid – in this case a further formal warning and period of grace will be required.

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